Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall with 2 Fabulous Freebies!!

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!

 I love the season of Fall! Here in California it certainly doesn't feel like fall with temperatures in the 80s!! I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures, warm sweaters, boots, great holidays, and all things apples and pumpkins! In celebration of this new season I have 2 great freebies for your classroom!

This is a great game to play during math centers and it is a great way for students to practice their number recognition and cooperation. These roll and cover games are popular in the primary grades and really fun! This game can can be played where each student gets their own paper and they take turns rolling the dice. Whatever number they roll they have to cover the number with a chip or counter OR they can color in the number. The first student to have all numbers covered is the winner!

If your students like competitive games, this game is perfect for your students! They each get their own paper and take turns rolling 1 die. Depending on the number that they roll, that is how many boxes they color in. They take turns doing this until they reach the top of the tree. The first one to reach the top is the winner!

If you like these products be sure to rate them! Hope you and your students enjoy these fabulous fall freebies! 


  1. Hi, I popped over from the TPT forums to see your blog, it's lovely I really like the layout :) I did try and follow you but I can't find the little button thingie that is usually at the side.

    Have a fab Halloween

  2. Thank you so much for your nice feedback! I just added the "google friend connect" to the sidebar under Follow Me. You can also follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram.