Sunday, October 18, 2015

Apples! Apples! and more Apples!

Fall is finally here and who doesn't love apples! There are so many ways to study apples and the possibilities are endless of how you can use apples in your classroom!! In my class we focused our apple study with science and math.

Students were asked to bring in apples of a variety of colors and sizes. Here are a few activities we did during apple week!

Sorting Apples

 First I had my students guess the different ways I was sorting the apples. First, I sorted by size, then I sorted by apples that had stickers and those that did not. Last, as a class my students sorted by color. Surprisingly, we didn't have any yellow apples so we sorted them by red, green, and a red/yellow mix.

Do Apples Sink or Float?

Students were asked the simple question if they thought the apple would sink or float. Students first made their predictions! Then we tested the apples! We found that the apples FLOAT!! My students also made predictions comparing a big apple vs a small apple.

Who doesn't love some good Brain PoP Jr to help explain why different things sink or float.

Apple Tree Race to the Top Game!

This is the perfect game for your math centers during your apple week! Students play with a partner where they take turns rolling a die. For each turn you take the number that you rolled, and color in the same number of boxes that you rolled. For example, if you roll a 5, then you color in 5 boxes. Whoever gets to the top of the tree first is the winner! Your students will love this game! You can grab it for free in my store here!

Apple Tasting

Students had the opportunity to taste a red, green, and yellow apple. They decided which apple they liked the best! Students helped with the graphing process by placing their favorite tasting apple on our big class graph. 



To end our apple week the students made applesauce! They all had a chance to help peel and chop apples! They all loved the applesauce and it was so easy to make! Oh the power of a crockpot! :)

What do you like to do for apple week with your class?? I would love to hear your ideas! 

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